Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Promethean Interactive Whiteboards: A Whole New Front of the Classroom

While I was doing my Level One Observation at Hoover Middle School last semester, I was introduced to a piece of new technology that I had never encountered before.
Behold, the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard! Also known as IWB, the Promethean board combines the simplicity of a white board with the power of the computer and a front projection screen. Anything that can be seen or clicked on on a computer can be done using this technology. It was amazing to watch the teacher "clicking" on things right on the Promethean, because it worked just like the click of a mouse on the computer! Along with projecting media from the computer to the front of the classroom, Promethean offers many additional technological resources for the classroom that can be used along with the interactive whiteboard. My mentor teacher had many of these additional resources in her room. The Activotes are multiple choice A-F voters that be used for students to vote on an answer in a quiz or poll from their desks.

The Activexpression tools are sort of like simple cell phones, with texting capabilities in case students need to text in an answer.

Teachers can carry around the ActivSlate to move the mouse around the Promethean board at the front of the room without having to stand in front and use the pen.

Finally, to be better heard while speaking over the class, teachers can use the Activsound audio technology to magnify their voices, play audio for students or record sound.

All of these additional tools bring the classroom into interactive bliss for students and teachers. With the Promethean board, the students in my observation classroom were more engaged in lessons because they could actively participate in learning. Visit the Promethean website to explore all kinds of awesome and engaging technology and software!

All images have come from prometheanworld.com

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