Monday, March 1, 2010

In Two Weeks I'll Be In London!

Hello all! I decided to post some pictures of what I'll be seeing when I'm in London for Spring Break. I haven't taken them myself, but it will be a kind of photo itinerary for what I'll be seeing when I arrive in the great city on March 14th! We'll be leaving for Chicago after I get done with class on Friday, March 12. We're staying in Chicago that night and then we board our flight to Heathrow, England in the morning. Then it's a 14 hour flight into Heathrow :P I hope I don't get too bad of jetlag! We are staying in Heathrow Saturday night, then taking the train to London in the morning. Then we're staying in at a Bed and Breakfast in Chiswick, a little part of London. We're seeing a lot of things in just a week, so plan on taking a lot of pictures and taking in all the sights that I can! Top Top right: Windsor Bottom left: Tower of Bottom right:Big

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  1. Just don't go to sleep when you get there in the morning!! When we went to Spain, they made us stay up the whole day after we got there...I hated them at the time because I was so tired, but after that first day I didn't really feel the jetlag at all!! :)