Sunday, April 4, 2010

Prezi: The Amazing New Presentation Platform

When you're required to give a presentation for class, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Microsoft PowerPoint, right? Sure, everyone can use PowerPoint and, for the most part, it can be helpful when presenting ideas and images to a large audience. But these days, PowerPoint seems dull, boring and not very effective for keeping the attention of a group of students. PowerPoint may have worked for presentations in the past, but today a new presentation tool is blowing audiences out of the water. Meet Prezi, The zooming presentation editor. Prezi uses a map layout and zooming tool to show contextual relationships between subjects and ideas. With font hierarchies and different templates to choose from, Prezi gives users the chance to customize their presentation layout whichever way he or she would like. On the Prezi website, there are tutorials and directions to create endless Prezies, and signing up for a basic Prezi is free! I have already created two Prezies, one during Ed. Tech lab and one to use in a presentation I am giving for Philosophy class. I can organize my ideas and points that I want to cover in my presentation and the Prezi allows me to create a path according to what I want to cover, through first point to last. Using Prezi, teachers could organize their entire curriculum and lesson plans in one document! Prezi allows for endless possibilities, which is why I think that it should be utilized in the classroom often. Visit to sign up for a Prezi and explore the cool features it has to offer! An example of a Prezi (my "What is Courage" Prezi) is featured as the image in this blog.

Here is an introduction video to the features of Prezi. It is a pretty awesome tool!

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