Saturday, November 26, 2011

Exploring in Second Life

While flitting around in Second Life (and I say this because I flew almost everywhere, so much quicker!), I discovered that I could maneuver very easily if I kept my avatar in the rear-view position. Since I’m used to rear-view gaming POVs, I preferred this option. Since I’ve been in Second Life before, I’m used to all of the controls and different viewing options. I hadn’t really messed with the snapshots before, but I found that the hardest thing to do when taking photos was to get my avatar in the position that I wanted to. Even though the controls are fairly straightforward, sometimes it was hard to get into the perfect pose, so I could get my background and my avatar in the shot. Eventually, I found my signature, interesting photography pose: sitting on top of buildings. There I am in my favorite snapshot, atop the capitol building, with the moon and stars in the sky. Lurvely.

Iowa Island was smaller than I had anticipated, but it was a great place to run around and explore. It was also cool to think about how people from our state, and even school, were the creators. I especially loved the garden, and the lovely gazebo structure, which I “got comfy” and posed in for this picture.

I also met another person tonight while exploring the island. SL user Oliver James was from Canada, and he was exploring SL for a class also, studying social interactions in different platforms. We chatted for a while about school, and became SL friends. We plan to meet again and explore more of SL together!

I definitely feel like the mobility aspect in Second Life is important to get acquainted with. The snapshots also give us a way to document things we see, or memorable places. This could be fun for students who are writing stories based on SL experiences, and want to illustrate them! 

The post for my next quest will follow!

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  1. Glad to hear that you are making friends in Second Life.
    Looks like you had the problem of things getting dark as you progressed through SL. SL has 4-hour days, but you can change the time of day as you wish. You begin with the World dropdown menu. Select Sun and you will be able to turn the dark of night into Mid-day sun.

    Good luck,